Once Fired 5.56 NATO / .223 Brass

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6 customer reviews for Once Fired 5.56 NATO / .223 Brass
  • Premium 5.56/.223 brass sourced from indoor shooting facilities.
  • All quantities contain a mix of different manufacturers and can include crimped military casings.
  • Machine sorted and hand inspected.  Guaranteed over 99% usable plus an extra 3% added to each count.
  • Available in Unpolished and Polished conditions.  Select below!
    • Unpolished :  For the DIY reloader.  Great once fired brass that is ready to be cleaned and loaded!
    • Polished : Ready for the press.  Same great brass that has been cleaned and polished to a factory-like shine.
  • Larger discounted quantities available.  Email us here for bulk pricing.
  • All casings should be carefully inspected before use.
  • Orders are usually shipped using USPS Priority Mail within 2-3 business days with tracking information.



6 reviews for Once Fired 5.56 NATO / .223 Brass

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6 reviews for Once Fired 5.56 NATO / .223 Brass

  1. khutchason (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product I ordered the 2500 round unprocessed option and after going through it I only had 4 cases that couldn’t be used. Great deal will be ordering more.

  2. John lively (verified owner)

    Last week I ordered 500 once-fired .223/5.56 brass cartridge cases from Elite Reloading. I was emailed order confirmation right away and received the package four or five days later via USPS. The cases were well packed in a heavy mil. plastic bag, and ALL of them were exceptionally clean, inside and out; all were nicely polished; and—most importantly—all were entirely free of dents, dings, extractor burrs or deformations of any other kind. Even the mouths of the cases are perfect Os. Oh, and the primer pockets are almost clean enough to re-seat new primers without reaming, though I’m just too fastidious to try that. For all intents and purposes, these cases are virtually brand new. And the cost per case, shipping included, worked out to be a fraction under 7 cents. Not a bad bargain when equivalent new cases can cost 30 cents or more.
    So far, I’ve de-primed, re-sized, trimmed to length and re-primed about 150 cases. I’ve had a chance to inspect each case several times, and haven’t had a single reject. Not one. A very minor cosmetic imperfection here and there, but that’s all. I’ll be back for more and recommend that you give them a try.

  3. iPatajo (verified owner)

    Customer service was great and replied fast. Brass came clean and most were ding-free. The cases that did have dinged necks were fixed once a bullet was seated. Shipping was super fast as well, ordered my brass on new years and received my order 3 business days later. I recieved about 410 .223 and 100 5.56, including the extra 3% brass. I’m very happy with the .223 to 5.56 brass ratio because I compete in high power matches and at 600 yards I need to be sure that my ammo is consistent. For the price, I couldn’t find a better deal than Elite Reloading Supplies.

  4. jimb1972 (verified owner)

    I ordered 2500 of the .223. A lot of the cases are definitely not once fired, many of the LC primer pockets have been chamfered, and a lot of the headstamps are unreadable. Most are useable, and I will load them but I don’t expect to get as many uses out of them as I had hoped.

  5. Longduck (verified owner)

    Ordered 2500 of unpolished cases. Shipping took 3 days. 1/5 of the cases had extensive damage on the shoulder area and were unusable. Not sure what they hand inspected but it wasn’t the brass I got. Maybe I got a bad batch but will not be ordering again.

  6. Brennon Blain (verified owner)

    On my 3rd order, about 3000 rounds, I had 4 bad pieces of brass. I will only order from Elite now!

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