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  • Wet-tumbled/polished, once fired .40 S&W pistol brass sourced mainly from indoor ranges
  • May include a variety of manufacturers and headstamps
  • Spent primers will still be intact in the cases and must be removed before beginning the reloading process
  • Extra brass cases will be included to make up for any stray calibers, unusable pieces, or other cosmetic defects that may slip through our screening process
  • It's very common to find some nested calibers (9mm, .380 ACP, .357sig, or 10mm brass) mixed in due to the similarity in size and appearance when processing large quantities of brass. The total amount of 40S&W brass should still be equal to or greater than the amount you ordered due to our inclusion of extra brass by weight.
  • It is also not unusual to find some .40 S&W brass that is slightly bulged from having been "GLOCK shot."  If you do not intend to full-length resize your brass during the loading process, we would recommend that you purchase our fully-processed .40 S&W brass that has already been resized. 
  • We ship orders within one to two business days of receiving your order on our end. Orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail which includes free shipment tracking.
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.40 Smith & Wesson

.40 Smith & Wesson (other times referred to as .40, .40 S&W, .40 caliber, .40 Auto, 10x22mm, 10mm Kurz) was developed jointly by Smith & Wesson and Winchester. .40S&W was designed specifically for law enforcement with the hopes of duplicating the performance of other rounds but in a smaller framed semi-automatic handgun. The .40 S&W cartridge hit the market January 17th, 1990 making it a somewhat newer round in comparison to others. With the FBI backing the .40S&W, Smith and Wesson announcing the release of the Model 4006, and Glock’s release of the model 22/23 this round was skyrocketed to an instant success.

In 1994 a law (which is now-expired in MOST states) called the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was passed and also can be attributed to the success of the .40 S&W. The law prohibited the sale of rifle or pistol magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds (also referred to as high capacity magazines) regardless of caliber. This attracted people looking to purchase firearms during this time to the .40S&W over its competitors since they’d be limited to 10 rounds either way. The .40S&W was originally loaded with a 180 grain bullet averaging roughly 984 ft/s. Since then like many of the other pistol calibers there are a huge variety of loads available. Bullet weights for the .40S&W start as light as 135 grains and go up to 230 grains (sometimes higher in speciality bullets). 

When looking at performance the .40S&W has almost identical accuracy and bullet drop as the other common pistol cartridges. However the  advantage of .40S&W comes into play when looking at the energy this cartridge produces while maintaining manageable recoil. The .40S&W cartridge earned the status of the ideal cartridge for law enforcement and personal defense in the early 1990s. When paired with a good jacketed .40 hollow point bullet, the higher energy loads in .40S&W can create hydrostatic shock that other calibers can’t seem to achieve without creating increased recoil. Since .40S&W is still a highly used and sought after cartridge that means there is typically an abundance of once fired brass available on the market. 


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