My name is Jon. I founded Elite Reloading Supplies out of pure, unadulterated necessity.

While I was training for USPSA and IPSC events, I needed top quality once-fired brass at a reasonable cost.

But when I started searching for it, I discovered two things:

1) A lot of other people were looking for the same thing I was.
2) Nobody else was offering once-fired brass at the quality I needed, but at a cost I knew should be possible.

One thing became clear: If I was going to fire a product that would live up to my high expectations, I was gonna have to produce it myself. So I founded Elite Reloading Supplies in 2009. I quickly started connecting with suppliers of top quality reloading brass, and set up a gauntlet of polishing, cleaning and inspection quality control processes. I also put a huge emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, and hired a team that was just as passionate about this product as I was.

At first, we started selling our reloading brass at state, regional and national shooting competitions. That quickly took off, so later in 2009 we launched our first website, selling to commercial enterprises and then directly to the general public.

And in just 6 short years, we’ve grown into a well established family business selling commercial grade once-fired brass and bullets to loyal, satisfied customers all over the world.

What sets us apart from the pack is the consistently high quality of our reloading brass, coupled with our superior customer service. Me and my team use the exact same brass that we sell to you, because it’s the only one that lives up to our expectations. We’re so confident about the quality of our brass that we offer an 100% replace or refund guarantee.

So check out our brass, give our bullets a shot, and see what you’ve been missing. Elite Quality. Elite Service. Elite Reloading Supplies.