.45 ACP LARGE Primer (Fully Processed)

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  • Fully-processed, .45 ACP LARGE Primer (Fully Processed) once fired brass cases
  • Cases have been wet-tumbled, deprimed/decapped, swaged, resized and then lightly washed/polished again to remove any remaining debris or case lube.
  • May include a variety of manufacturers and headstamps
  • All brass should be inspected thoroughly prior to attempting to load.
  • We ship orders within one to two business days of receiving your order on our end. Orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail which includes free shipment tracking.
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Processed Brass 

The term “processed brass” is an industry term that refers to once fired brass that has undergone the beginning steps of the reloading process. Our processed brass has been ran through a heavily upgraded 1050 Dillion Press with auto drives. The process starts with lightly lubricated brass dumped into an automated case feeder, this not only assists with “auto feeding” the 1050 with brass but also turns the brass head stamp down. The first station on our 1050 toolhead is equipped with a deccaping mechanism, this is used to remove the spent primer left intact in the case after it has been fired. The next station on the toolhead is setup with an Expander/Backer which helps remove any bulges or cosmetic blemishes that were made when the brass casing was fired/ejected. During this step on the bottom side we have a swage rod installed that presses into the primer pocket. The swage rod slightly expands the primer pocket allowing the new primer to be accepted with more ease, it also helps remove crimps that are usually associated with military (NATO) brass. On the last station of our tool head we have a sizing die installed which gives the brass a “final size” removing any left behind bulges and returns the brass back to like new condition. We constantly check the brass as it finishes going through the process with gauges (small/large primer gauges to assure brass is getting swaged properly, and a cartridge gauge to check the case length and diameter are acceptable) to insure the highest quality product is offered to our customers.

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