.50 Action Express (.50 AE)

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  • Wet-tumbled/polished, once fired .50 Action Express (.50 AE) pistol brass sourced mainly from indoor ranges
  • May include a variety of manufacturers and headstamps
  • Spent primers will be still intact in the cases and must be removed before beginning the reloading process
  • Extra brass cases will be included to make up for any stray calibers, unusable pieces, or other cosmetic defects that may slip through our screening process
  • We ship orders within one to two business days of receiving your order on our end. Orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail which includes free shipment tracking.
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.50 Action Express

.50 Action Express (other times referred to as 12.7x33mmRB, .50, .50 AE) is a large-caliber handgun cartridge best known for its usage in the Desert Eagle. .50 AE was developed in 1988 by Evan Whildin of Action Arms and is one of the most powerful pistol cartridges currently in production. Even though .50 AE is almost always associated with the Desert Eagle, the Arcadia Machine and Tool AMT Automag V was actually the first handgun chambered for this cartridge. Other firearms that are chambered for .50 AE include the Magnum Research BFR, Freedoms Arms Model 555, and the LAR Grizzly Win Mag. The diameter base of the .50 AE has a measurement of .547 inch (13.9 mm) with a rebated rim. During the introduction of the .50 AE in the United States this cartridge had a very rough start. US laws state that non-sporting firearms can not exceed 0.500” in bore diameter to meet Title 1 regulations, which the original .50 AE design did not meet when using polygonal rifling. This in turn rendered the .50 AE a destructive device under BATFE regulations. To bypass this, the bullet diameter of the .50 AE was reduced to the current 0.500 inch rather than the original .510 inches which results in the noticeably tapered case.

SAAMI specifies a maximum chamber pressure of 36,000 psi for the .50 AE. Factory loads available on the market today can produce nearly 1,800 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. Given the size, weight, and other limiting factors of the .50 AE cartridge it doesn’t have much practical use in law enforcement or military forces. The primary use for .50 AE is metallic silhouette shooting and medium/big game hunting. In regards to hunting .50 AE is primarily marketed for large predators, such as bears. Although .50 AE is not nearly as common as other pistol cartridges, there tends to be a decent amount of once fired brass available on the market. 

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