.45 Long Colt

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  • Wet-tumbled/polished, once fired .45 Colt pistol brass sourced mainly from indoor ranges
  • May include a variety of manufacturers and headstamps
  • Spent primers will still be intact in the cases and must be removed before beginning the reloading process
  • Extra brass cases will be included to make up for any stray calibers, unusable pieces or other cosmetic defects that may slip through our screening process
  • We ship orders within one to two business days of receiving your order on our end. Orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail which includes free shipment tracking.
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1 Review

Chuck 15th Feb 2022

Elite Reloading

Theses guys are awesome. I’ve been searching for 45LC brass for a long time. These guys had it AND cheaper than everybody else advertised it. I ordered it and in just a couple days it was here!! Also, even though it was once fired brass, it’s condition was as new!!! They have a customer for life in me

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