.357 SIG

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  • Wet-tumbled/polished, once fired .357 SIG pistol brass sourced mainly from indoor ranges
  • May include a variety of manufacturers and headstamps
  • Spent primers will still be intact in the cases and must be removed before beginning the reloading process
  • Extra brass cases will be included to make up for any stray calibers, unusable pieces or other cosmetic defects that may slip through our screening process
  • A common point of failure for .357 SIG brass is to have small cracks in the case where the bottleneck (taper) meets the wall, and you should always double check your brass for signs of this sort of fatigue.
  • It's typical to find some nested calibers (e.g., .40S&W or 10mm brass) mixed in due to the similarity in size and appearance when processing large quantities of brass. The total amount of .357 SIG brass should still be equal to or greater than the amount you ordered due to our inclusion of extra brass by weight.
  • We ship orders within one to two business days of receiving your order on our end. Orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail which includes free shipment tracking.
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.357 Sig

.357 Sig (sometimes referred to as 9x22mm, or simply .357) is a bottlenecked rimless centerfire pistol cartridge. .357 Sig was developed in 1994 by the Swiss-German manufacturer SIG Sauer. Although Sig is mostly credited in the development of this cartridge, it was in cooperation with the ammunition company Federal Premium. The .357 Sig was designed with law enforcement usage in mind, and was successfully picked up by a number of agencies. The “357” in .357 Sig was chosen to highlight the cartridges main purpose: to duplicate the performance of of a 125-grain Magnum load. The reasoning behind this was to take what is typically a revolver load and apply it to a higher capacity, semiautomatic pistol platform. The bottlenecked design that the .357 Sig utilizes is common in rifle cartridges, but hasn’t been applied to commercial pistol cartridges since the early 1960s. The bottleneck design seems to be a success because reports of feeding issues is almost non-existent.

.357 Sig has a cartridge capacity of 19.5 grains (1.27ml), and according to the C.I.P. rulings can handle up 44,236 psi (305 MPa). The SAAMI pressure limit for the .357 Sig is set at 40,000 psi (275.80 MPa). Depending on where you source your information, there are many contradictions published regarding .357 Sig headspacing. The confusion comes from the original design of the .357 Sig (9.02mm),  which was almost instantly scrapped and replaced with a .355 (9mm) projectile. Bullet weights in commercial loads of the .357 Sig vary from 115 to 150 grains. These commercial loads of .357 Sig offer energies from 488 fpf(662 J)- 583 fpf(790 J) and have penetration depths from 9 inches up to 16.5 inches. Because the high velocity created by the .357 Sig cartridge, it has an unusually flat trajectory which extends the effective range. The “Accurate Powder” reloading manual states “without a doubt (.357 Sig) is the most ballistically consistent handgun cartridge we have ever worked with.” Supporters of the hydrostatic shock theory claim that the energy produced in the .357 Sig is more than capable of reaching these results. Although .357 Sig is not as common as other pistol calibers, there is still typically a decent amount of once fired brass available on the market.

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